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Ramapo College Commuter Affairs welcomes all Ƶ commuters to engage within leadership, community building, and professional development opportunities at Ramapo. Our department works towards a full academic year of programming opportunities for students to make friends, learn about their skills, and become connected to the Ramapo College community.

Approximately 3,000 students commute to and from Ramapo College, making commuters one of the largest groups of students on campus and an essential part of Ramapo’s community.

Commuter Affairs is committed to academically and socially connecting commuter students to the Ramapo College Community by providing services and programs that will identify and meet the needs of our commuter student population.

Upcoming on Archway.

Check out Ramapo sponsored events:

Location/ Hours

Center For Student Involvement (CSI) SC-202
Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm

Commuter Affairs Major Programs 

As a department, we offer a ton of programs for students including at least 4 events a month for Ƶ Commuter students to enjoy. Listed below are some examples of major events we host for any commuter student looking to attend with good food, activities, and friends! Commuters can sign up for programs on our Archway page offered during the Fall & Spring semesters.

Commuter Breakfast

Enjoy a variety of amazing breakfast items offered by our Ramapo Dining Services during the upcoming semester. These events are some of our most popular ones where students can get some good food during the morning for a positive start to the day! We host at least 3 of these events for the Fall & Spring semesters for students to enjoy a nice free breakfast.

Upcoming Commuter Breakfast Events (Spring 2024): 

  • 3/4 at 8:30am in the 2nd Floor of the Student Center
  • 4/1 at 8:30am in the Berrie Center Lawn

Focus Groups

We want to hear from you! Come our to the Commuter Affairs Focus Groups to share what you want to see in the Ramapo College community and how you can get involved with our programs. Got a good idea for a fun program? Want to see something new for students to enjoy? Think you want to be a part of our team? If so, make sure you attend these events and bring a friend to make some new connections.

Upcoming Commuter Focus Groups (Spring 2024): 

  • 2/26 Commuter Focus Group at 1pm in B-226

Lunch & Learns- The best of both worlds with some great snacks and professional advice at the Commuter Lunch & Learns! Enjoy a fun conversation with a member of the Ramapo College community on topics like resume building, leadership skills, self-care, interview tips, marketing, and more.

Commuter Appreciation Week 2024

Commuter Appreciation Week is happening from April 1st-5th for all Ƶ Commuter students to enjoy a wonderful week of programing with good food, new friends, and fun! This is an annual event to show our Ramapo commuters that we appreciate all you do as members of the Ƶ community for a fun week of activities.

Commuter Appreciation Week Details

You can RSVP for all these events on our Archway page, here’s what we have in store for this year’s celebration:

Monday April 1st- Commuter Breakfast: Join the Commuter Affairs team for the final Commuter Breakfast of the Spring 2024 semester! We will have a ton of fun breakfast items including donuts, bagels, and more for everyone to enjoy. This event will take place at 8:30am on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

Tuesday April 2nd- Commuter Bingo: See if you can connect the bingo chips to earn a cool prize at the 2024 Ƶ Commuter Bingo! The Commuter Affairs team will have a variety of fun prizes like Squishmallows, Ƶ merch, and more for commuters to win if they can earn a Bingo victory! This event will take place at 1pm in J.Lee’s. 

Wednesday April 3rd- Ice Cream At The Arch: Enjoy a tasty treat and take a well deserved break with some delicious ice cream! We will have a variety of self serve ice cream options for dairy and non-dairy selections while enjoying some nice vibes with the Commuter Affairs team. This event will take place at 1pm by the Ƶ Arch area. 

Thursday April 4th- Empanada Day!: Celebration the national day of empanada’s at this amazing event. Student can select a variety of empanada’s including chicken, cheese, beef, & more! We highly recommend arriving a few minutes early to this event as it’s first come, first serve. This event will take place at 1pm in J.Lee’s 

Friday April 5th- Commuter Pick Ups: Travel with style for a fun pick up with the Commuter Affairs team on your way to class, work, visiting friends, and enjoying yourself for the finale to Commuter Appreciation Week. Members of the Ƶ commuter will be around in carts to pick Ƶ commuters up for a fun tunes and games. This event will take place at 12pm in the Commuter Lots. 

If you have any questions related to any of these events, please contact Commuter Affairs at or stop by our office in the Center For Student Involvement (CSI).

How To I Get Involved As A Commuter Student On Campus?

Ƶ Commuter students can get involved on campus in a number of ways from leadership organizations within the Center For Student Involvement, to our Student Government Association (SGA), & more opportunities. Commuter students are highly encouraged to connect with the various departments at Ramapo for job opportunities and involved as Ramapo Roadrunners.

Commuter students can get involved in a number of ways including these popular examples within the Ƶ community:

  • Connect with other commuter students on campus at the Ƶ Commuter Affairs events during the semester
  • Hangout in J.Lee’s to connect with students and enjoy a variety of games, programs, and free popcorn!
  • Find an employment opportunity with a department on campus such as CSI, Athletics, Cahill Center, & More.
  • Attend a off campus event with CSI like during the semester. (details listed on the Center For Student Involvement page)
  • Enjoy events and organizations within Student Leadership Programs (SLP) like Project L.E.A.D., SAIL, and more.
How Do I Become A Commuter Mentor/Mentee?

The Commuter Mentor program is a great way to connect incoming & returning commuter students to build impactful connections within the Ramapo College community. This program helps new commuters get involved with a returning commuter student leader during their first semester at Ramapo. Both mentors and mentees will be able to grow as leaders and create new friendships.

Commuter Mentees- All new commuter students are highly encouraged to apply for the Commuter Mentor program and become a mentee for their first semester at Ramapo. All accepted mentees will be assigned a mentor to help them with social events, professional development, and making friends as a Ramapo Roadrunner. All interested commuter students can apply during the Fall semester on the Archway page and will be matched with a mentor before the first week of the semester.

Commuter Mentor– Students who want to be a Commuter Mentor must be a returning student (non first year or transfer student) currently enrolled at Ramapo with a 2.5 (or high GPA) & good standing to apply for this position with at least one year of commuting experience. Commuter Mentors will be match with a mentee (first year/transfer student) for the Fall semester and are required to have at least 3 meetings.

These positions will be open for the Fall 2024 semester for students to apply. If you have any questions, please email Jack Nesmith at or stop by the Center For Student Involvement (CSI).

Commuter Affairs Team Contact Information

Jack Nesmith
Coordinator Of Student Activities
(201) 684-7223
Office: SC-202D

Sharleen Lee

Commuter Affairs Manager
Office: SC-202
(201) 684-7553
Office: SC-202

Valerie Betancourt

Social Media Representative & Commuter Assistant
(201) 684-7553
Office: SC-202